Our Warranty Policy

Our Warranty Terms

Airsoft Marketplace provides a full 15-day warranty on most items purchased from us, our warranty starts the day a customer takes delivery of the product(s). Please take note of the warranty exclusions listed below, failure to adhere to any of the following exclusions may result in a voided warranty. The exclusions listed below apply when determining warranty eligibility.

Serviceable Items

For serviceable items under our warranty, Airsoft Marketplace retains full discretion to repair or replace the item(s) using new, refurbished, or reconditioned identical parts and/or accessories.

Items Unfit For Repair

If an item covered under warranty is deemed to be unfit for repair, Airsoft Marketplace retains full discretion in replacing the item with an identical model. Please keep in mind that by making a purchase from Airsoft Marketplace, the buyer agrees to be subject to and bound by any and all terms, details, and exclusions listed on this disclosure of warranty page. Making a purchase constitutes a buyer's complete understanding of our warranty policy and all other policies listed on this website.

Warranty Services

It may be Airsoft Marketplace or the manufacturer who provides you with warranty service. If one of our products fails please read the complete warranty as to whether Airsoft Marketplace will repair the item, replace it, or refund your money.

Manufacturer Warranties

In addition to the Airsoft Marketplace 15 day warranty many of our products are also warrantied by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer provides an additional warranty it will be indicated in the product description.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

Product Abuse/Neglect

Product defects that are a result of user abuse/damage, including but not limited to physical damage, drops onto hard surfaces, accidental abuse/neglect, improper operation/storage/maintenance, lack of maintenance, exposure to liquids, high levels of humidity, dirt/mud/sand, exposure to and/all extreme weather conditions, abnormal operating conditions, and/or any or all of the above are deemed to be acts of negligence on the part of the buyer and are NOT covered under the Airsoft Marketplace warranty. Furthermore, negligence also causes any warranty(s), whether stated or implied, to be voided in full.

Consequential Damages

Airsoft Marketplace warranties do not cover damages caused by the product, or your time and expense in getting the damages repaired. For example, if one of our products causes damage to any person or property, Airsoft Marketplace will not pay for those damages.

Improper Size, Weight, Condition or Grade BBs

Returns that have been broken due to use of inferior grade BBs and/or improper size/weight BBs. Inferior BBs may shatter inside the gun and indefinitely damage the gun, and/or may damage the internals, thereby voiding any warranty either written or implied. This also applies to used and/or previously chambered and fired BBs.

Unauthorized or Illegal Product Modification

Product defects that are a result of modifications/upgrades manifested in any way, shape, or form are NOT covered under warranty, and causes any warranty(s) whether stated or implied, to be voided in full. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation of aftermarket/upgrade parts, the alteration of product components, the removal of orange tips (which are Federally mandated), and/or any other types of product tampering.

Warranty Limitations and Terms

Any and all warranties offered by Airsoft Marketplace, whether written or implied, are limited to the duration of the product warranties as explicitly expressed above. Outside of the warranty period, the repair, exchange, or replacement of any and all products are the sole responsibilities of the buyer, not Airsoft Marketplace. While Airsoft Marketplace will continue to strive to provide top-notch after-sale service, we will NOT be held liable, contractually or verbally, for damages and/or costs incurred with any such products outside of the warranty period.

Boneyard Purchases

All products listed and/or purchased from the Airsoft Marketplace "boneyard" category are not covered under any warranty, whether written or implied. Products found in the boneyard are items that are sold below cost due to certain inherent product issues. A description of such issues is typically found within the description of the respective boneyard item.

Our Return/Refund/Exchange Policy

Within 15 days of receipt of your order your purchase can be returned/exchanged. Each return/refund/exchange is handled on a case-by-case basis and is subject to the terms described in our 15-day warranty. Our contact information is located here. Returning an unopened item for a refund may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping costs are non-refundable. You must contact us BEFORE returning an item.
You may contact us about our Warranty Policy at

* Free Shipping in the Continental USA applies to most items, repair parts excluded.